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Learning Objectives: 1. To appreciate the role of neuroimaging in identifying biomarkers of stroke motor recovery 2. To understand the role of the corticospinal tract as a predictor of upper limb motor outcome post-stroke.


Dr. Chen received her BSc in Physical Therapy and PhD in Neurological Sciences at McGill University. She previously worked as a physiotherapist, specializing in stroke rehabilitation. Dr. Chen is the Director of the TEMPO Lab (Training and Enhancing Motor Performance Outcomes), Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto, and cross-appointed Scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute. The brain has always fascinated Dr. Chen because of its ability to change, in response to injury and training. The aim of her research is to discover how to modulate the brain’s plasticity to optimize motor performance in a musician or athlete, and to improve a stroke survivors’ capacity to move.

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