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Understanding the roles of authors, reviewers, and editors in the publishing process is key to researchers. Publication and dissemination of research outputs is integral to science. Attend this author workshop and learn about how to write a great paper that people love to read, how to choose the right journal and pitch your story, the role of scientific editors and what happens to your paper once you submit, how to be a great reviewer, the changing publishing landscape: open access, preprints, data availability, editorial transparency, and more!


Register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/publishing-in-the-life-sciences-authors-reviewers-and-editors-registration-79295638389 

April is an Associate Scientific Editor at Cell, and has been with the journal for two and a half years. She earned her PhD with Alan Davidson and Karen Maxwell at the University of Toronto, where she worked on the discovery and characterization of anti-CRISPR proteins. After a short postdoc with Jennifer Doudna at UC Berkeley working on the mechanisms of CRISPR-Cas systems, she combined her broad love of biology with her interests in scientific publishing and joined the Cell team. She is based in Toronto, and her major scientific interests include bioengineering, microbiology, cell biology, and genome editing.