External Reviewers

The Can-SCIP Guideline including the methodology, recommendations, reference list, and suggested tools, was externally reviewed by eight internationally recognized experts in SCI who were not involved in the guideline development process.

The role of the external review was to assess the quality of the Can-SCIP Guideline and provide feedback and comments. Each reviewer received an electronic copy of:

  • Draft guideline document (recommendations, methods, reference list, suggested tools and algorithms);
  • Appraisal of Guidelines for REsearch & Evaluation Instrument (AGREE II) document to comment on each AGREE II criteria;
  • Review sheets on which to record their scores in response to AGREE II categories; and
  • Conflict of interest form for declaration of affiliations and interests

The purpose of conducting the external review was to gather information on both the reviewer's overall impression of the Guideline and specific comments addressing the following issues: validity, relevance, awareness of new information, evidence or concerns, scope and purpose, stakeholder involvement, rigor of the methods and clarity of presentation according to some questions from the AGREE II instrument.

The Steering Committee considered revisions to the Can-SCIP Guideline based on the suggestions and comments from the external reviewers.