Guideline Overview

Directives for Use

The Can-SCIP Guideline is divided in two sections:

Section I: Components of the Ideal SCI Care System The section on «Components of the Ideal SCI Care System» includes recommendations focused on the types of issues that clinical coordinators, healthcare administrators and policy makers would be concerned with. Issues such as the type or range of staff that are needed, training requirements, and what needs to be considered for structuring and arranging various therapy service, across the continuum of service.

Section II: Management of SCI Complications The section on «Management of SCI Complications» includes recommendations that are specific to SCO-related complications and aims to provide guidance to front-line clinicians, allied healthcare providers, and clinical coordinators, for example what treatment modality or therapy is recommended, what should be done and how. Divided by clinical topics, many of these recommendations may not be specific to place or stage, i.e. they could occur across the continuum of rehabilitation. The SCI complications selected within Section II were derived from a 2017 national consensus process (cite).

Users wanting to find recommendations pertaining to a specific issue can click on any subsection in Sections I or II, which are further divided into numbered components. Users wanting to find recommendations on specific topics can also use the Search Function to enter by keyword, or can click one or more of the Tags listed below to limit or filter the information being sought. Recommendations that are relevant to the keyword search or the tags will appear.

Users will have the opportunity to print off specific sections or searches through the “Save or print this page” option. The full guideline can be found as a PDF format document in the “Guideline Components” menu bar, under Recommendations. Also available as a pdf document are all fundamental and priority recommendations.

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