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The Multiple Sclerosis Best Evidence-Based Strategies and Treatment/Therapies for Rehabilitation (MSBEST) project was initiated by a group of researchers and clinicians in North America who have a special interest in the field of multiple sclerosis rehabilitation and lead the regional clinics in their geographic areas.

The MSBEST is a project to develop a comprehensive, systematic evidence-based review of the literature for rehabilitation or rehabilitation-related interventions for multiple sclerosis, to help healthcare professionals select evidence-based rehabilitation strategies for persons with multiple sclerosis. The website is designed to provide the most accurate and relevant information supported by research, in addition to clinicians’ guidance about appropriate care and rehabilitation for those with multiple sclerosis. The website is organized by a series of topics that have sufficient evidence to provide guidance and would be of interest to the readers.

The MSBEST team would like to thank The Ralph M. Barford Foundation for their ongoing support. We would also like to acknowledge the Collaboration of Rehabilitation Research Evidence (CORRE) research group as a collaborator of MSBEST and support from the College of Medicine University of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.