About The Event

The FIBRE Wearable Tech Hackathon is an interdisciplinary three-day event for students that seeks to create a space for inspiration, collaboration, and the exploration of textile-related technologies and smart textile solutions. The ideas and solutions generated over the course of the competition will seek to address the most relevant and pressing healthcare and rehabilitation needs. Students participate in multidisciplinary teams and compete to win prizes for their innovative design concepts. Over the course of the Hackathon, students receive mentorship and support from academic and industry experts. Additionally, students will receive feedback on product design ideas from patients through UHN's Patient Partner program, as a means to provide insight into health-related needs. Through the learning process, participants will also learn about new technologies and tools to bring their concepts to life. Judging criteria includes detailed specifications about concept, description of how the product addresses the Challenge Area, physical prototypes where possible and a creative marketing pitch.

The FIBRE hackathon seeks to inspire students and allows for new talent to be introduced to future collaborative opportunities across the fields of science, engineering, healthcare, design, and beyond!

The hackathon will be hosted online: May 13-15, 2022. Partner schools are invited to open their spaces to students for in-person access to facilities according to school and provincial health and safety guidelines.

Event Information