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KITE Power Play

KITE POWER PLAY highlights and celebrates the extraordinary research and innovation taking place at Toronto Rehab and demonstrates how applying science and innovation can produce healthcare solutions that matter. (Photo credit: McPherson’s Photography)

RehabWeek 2019

Are you interested in pushing the field of Rehabilitation Technologies forward by exchanging your ideas and sharing your experiences with engineers, clinical researchers and clinicians from all around the world? ​Then we would like to invite you to join us in making the RehabWeek 2019 an inspiring, innovative and successful event. We are, for the forth time after 2011 in Zürich, 2015 in Valencia and 2017 in London combining four reputable international conferences in the field of rehabilitation technology for the RehabWeek 2019. The event takes place in Toronto, Canada, from June 24th-28th.

Design of peripheral nerve bioelectric interfaces: Is there rhyme or reason to how neural interfaces work?

Speaker: Ken Yoshida, PhD

The advent and application of micro and nano fabrication techniques for implementing bioelectric interfaces to the nervous system has increased the need for engineering design and analysis tools for the design and implementation of these devices. In recent years, the access and availability of these techniques has resulted in an explosion in those attempting to create new devices. However, the ability to precisely define and create structures at cellular and sub cellular dimensions has led to the question of what is the necessary shape or specification that would enable the best coupling to the nervous system? As early explorers in this domain, we faced these questions and defined structural features in the tfLIFE, TIME or flexible intramuscular array structures using our best guess from empirical experimental observations. To inform future designs, we measured biophysical properties and developed biophysical models to gain insight into how neural interfaces work. Although we are getting closer and have a better understanding of how these devices work, complete convergence between model predictions and experimental observations remains elusive.

KITE Toronto Rehab & AGE-WELL: Aging and Rehabilitation Innovation Showcase

Start your day off with a view of some of Canada's most innovative solutions around aging and rehabilitation. The session will include high-impact talks from leaders in the space and a showcase of cutting-edge technologies. Gain exposure into startups and research innovations that will set the tone for technology and innovation around aging and rehabilitation in the years to come. There will be 10 innovations/startups on display and 5 15-minute talks from guest speakers from 8:15-9:15 AM. There is seating capacity for 80 people during the talks. Exhibits will be viewable until 10:30 AM.

MaRS Health Innovation Week 2019: KITE Toronto Rehab Tour

Tour one of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation research and development centre - KITE at Toronto Rehab - a place where new treatments and technologies have been developed for people recovering from and living with disabling injury or illness. You will have opportunities to visit the Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory, the only facility of its kind in the world. This massive underground lab features the world’s first hydraulic motion simulator. This simulator can be integrated with four customizable testing environments that enable researchers to recreate and evaluate conditions such as ice and snow, different terrains and slopes, and driving conditions involving rain and headlight glare. The tour also includes laboratories that simulate both healthcare (e.g., a patient’s room) and home environments. Together, these world-class facilities allow researchers to safely and accurately measure the difficulties encountered in the real world. The labs are also used to evaluate the impact of new treatments, devices and technologies developed at KITE, Toronto Rehab - University Health Network.

TRI Research Day 2019

Toronto Rehab’s 14th Research Day, which features a wealth of innovative rehabilitation research, will be held on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, beginning at 8:30 a.m., at the Chestnut Conference Centre, 89 Chestnut St., Toronto, ON. Look forward to seeing you at Research Day!