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Kite Events


Toronto ABI Network Virtual Conference

Advance your clinical knowledge and skills with two days full of presentations and workshops led by field experts, showcasing the latest developments in Acquired Brain Injury. The conference will be taking place virtually via the Remo conference platform. Remo is a web-video conference platform that allows people to have face-to-face networking online just like in-person events that build meaningful relationships and conversations. To ensure you have the best virtual conference experience possible, web demonstrations and guides will be provided as we get closer to the conference dates. We look forward to seeing you at these sessions and at the conference!

This is Long-term Care 2020 - Virtual Conference

The Ontario Long Term Care Association’s annual This is Long Term Care conference profiles change-makers, thought leaders, and emerging sector research in a unique forum designed for learning, networking, and information sharing. Providing an unparalleled opportunity for our members, the Association’s fall conference provides education on existing best practice programs that have tools and resources, which can be implemented across the sector.

Insights into preparing successful grant applications – Q&A with CIHR reviewers

A panel of former CIHR reviewers will answer your questions about the grant review process, characteristics of a great grant application, and common pitfalls. The discussion will focus on how the review process has changed with remote review, and how remote review might influence how you approach your grant application.

Revisiting Pandemic Perspectives from Older Adults and Caregivers

After the COVID-19 crisis hit, we brought together older adults and caregivers to hear their perspectives. As the pandemic stretches on, this webinar reconvenes a panel of older adults and caregivers to share their lived experiences and reflect on the role technology can play during COVID-19. Webinar participants will:

Protecting Your Health: Preparing for the Influenza Season in the age of COVID-19

The Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) presents Protecting Your Health: Preparing for the Influenza Season in the age of COVID-19. In this webinar experts from the healthcare field will answer your questions on why influenza impacts older adults more heavily, what vaccinations are recommended, and how getting your vaccinations can help you stay healthy as you age!

Rehabilitation Day

On Tuesday, September 15, Toronto Rehab is celebrating Rehabilitation Day, as proclaimed by the City of Toronto, to recognize each and every one of you! Our goal is to heighten awareness of physical and cognitive rehabilitation, the varied rehabilitation services in the community which allow patients to overcome limitations.

Kite 3 Minute Trainee Competition

Inspired by the traditional “three minute thesis” competition, the "Three Minute Trainee" competition challenges KITE trainees including graduate students, post-docs, and staff, to communicate the key concepts of their research in a compelling three minute presentation. A panel of judges evaluates each of the presentations and decides the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards, while the audience will vote for a People's Choice Award. This is a great chance to hone your presentation skills and to come up with a short pitch about your work that can be used at conferences, for interviews, networking events, and grant proposal writing.

Robust Learning Through Cross-Task Consistency

Visual perception entails solving a wide set of tasks, e.g., object detection, depth estimation, etc. The predictions made for multiple tasks from the same image are not independent, and therefore, are expected to be ‘consistent’. We propose a broadly applicable and fully computational method for augmenting learning with Cross-Task Consistency. 1 The proposed formulation is based on inference-path invariance over a graph of arbitrary tasks. We observe that learning with cross-task consistency leads to more accurate predictions and better generalization to out-of-distribution inputs. This framework also leads to an informative unsupervised quantity, called Consistency Energy, based on measuring the intrinsic consistency of the system. Consistency Energy correlates well with the supervised error (r=0.67), thus it can be employed as an unsupervised confidence metric as well as for detection of out-of-distribution inputs (ROC-AUC=0.95). The evaluations are performed on multiple datasets, including Taskonomy, Replica, CocoDoom, and ApolloScape, and they benchmark cross-task consistency versus various baselines including conventional multi-task learning, cycle consistency, and analytical consistency.

Aging and Social Justice Conference

This conference will bring together emerging and established scholars including intervention researchers in the field of aging and anthropology, developing opportunities to further collaborate and strengthen our specialist network. The conference program will also include workshops and mentoring opportunities directed towards students and early career scholars to help create links with the professional and academic community across disciplines.

Blakely Wellness Webinar: Navigating Our New Reality

Join us for a special free Wellness Webinar on Wednesday, June 24th: Navigating Our New Reality. Top health experts from Toronto Rehab and University Health Network (UHN) will help guide our safe return to our daily routines outside the home. They will share preventative strategies to keep COVID-19 at bay, approaches to support your mental health and explain changes in the healthcare system, including new opportunities presented through virtual vehicles.

Kite Mindful Moments

Please join our upcoming "Mindful Moments" session on June 17, 2020. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of yourself, your body and your surroundings in the present moment. This practice is greatly helpful in day to day life, but more so in the times of challenge, like what we are facing now. This online mindfulness session is organized by the KITE Trainee Executive Committee and is open to all KITE scientists, staff, and trainees.

UHN Women Launch

UHNWomen is a new program that helps empower a diverse TeamUHN and A Healthier World. The program focuses on the principle that everyone has something to learn and something to teach (i.e. two-way learning and mentorship). To learn more click here. You are invited to attend the program’s first event – the target audience is women at UHN.

Mindful Moments with Michelle Bancroft

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of yourself, your body and your surroundings in the present moment. This practice is greatly helpful in day to day life but more so in the times of challenge like what we are facing now. Therefore, We have organized an online mindfulness session, so that we can all practice mindfulness at the same time as a group. This online mindfulness session is open to all KITE scientists, staff, and trainees.

Blakely Wellness Webinar: It’s Your Move

As we continue with our COVID-19 efforts, it’s important that we maintain our health wellness including keeping physically fit. We are proud to feature our team of experts—Dr. Paul Oh, Dr. David Langelier, and Robert Bertelink—who will guide us through the medical health benefits of exercise, exploring it as a preventative measure against cancer and chronic conditions, and offering advice on how we can create a customized exercise plan for ourselves and our family. Broadcast through YouTube LIVE, we encourage you to invite your family members and friends to join this session. See below for more details. Make sure to register to get your link!

Virtual Coffee Chat with Dr. Elizabeth Rochon

Join us on Tuesday May 12th for a casual conversation over coffee with Dr. Elizabeth Rochon. Dr. Rochon is the Associate Director, Senior Scientist, at KITE-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN, Professor at Department of Speech-Language Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, and Co-Team Leader, Communication Team, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

How to Cope in Extraordinary Times

Managing your mental health during COVID-19 - An online course for U of T alumni with this free four-week (four-module) MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Opens April 13, 2020 (You can follow along weekly or take the course at your convenience. There is no deadline for completion but virtual access to the content and teaching assistant ends May 29, 2020.) Featuring perks and content tailored to U of T Alumni. Registration deadline: May 22, 2020

Ethics of Using Restrictive Measures to Diseases

In this second COVID-19 webinar, a joint presentation with the Joint Centre for Bioethics, we will explore the ethics of using restrictive measures in the control of infectious diseases. Responding to a pandemic through the healthcare system alone may not be effective. The use of public health measures such as physical distancing clearly raises important ethical issues regarding the limits to personal freedoms in times of public health emergencies. Although these measures played a role to prevent the spread of SARS in 2003, H1N1 in 2009 and Ebola in 2014-16, they were limited in scope in comparison to the measures used in the COVID-19 response.

Virtual UofT Three Minute Thesis Competition

We are back on! Join us online for the Virtual UofT 3MT. Presenters have three minutes or less to share their research. The challenge is to present complex research information in an engaging, accessible, and compelling way. This competition is a unique opportunity for graduate students to showcase their innovative and significant research to a wider audience, across disciplines within the University, and to the broader public.

Drug Discovery in Neuroscience Conference

This one-day event will be dedicated to helping the biological science and chemistry communities understand the process of turning novel discoveries into druggable targets for small molecule therapeutic development. It will also cover multiple aspects of the drug discovery process; from hit generation and pharmacokinetics, to intellectual property and commercialization strategies. Local success stories of “Bridging the Gap” and AI in drug discovery will be presented, along with a keynote presentation by Dr. Barbara Tate, Venture Partner at the Dementia Discovery Fund.

Open Forum: Foundation Integration

Please join us at our upcoming Open Forum on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020, to learn more about the integration opportunity being explored by the Boards of the Toronto Rehab Foundation and the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation. By working together to raise funds, our fundraising teams have the potential to support rehabilitation research, education, and care in innovative ways that take us closer to our vision of A Healthier World.

Engaging People with Lived Experience in Research on Dementia

The Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) Training and Capacity Building Program is holding an event for students, investigators, and research staff. The event will provide a unique opportunity to learn critical skills in engagement of people with lived experience and their care partners. Patient-oriented research is increasingly required for CIHR Patient-Oriented Research competitions. Don't miss out on this valuable learning opportunity to build your expertise as a patient-oriented researcher!

OGS Proposal Review workshop

If you are a graduate student and are planning to apply for this year’s Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), this will be a great opportunity to receive feedback on your "Plan of Study" from our expert panel of reviewers, consisting of KITE scientists and post-doctoral fellows.

ICAIR Information Session & Workshop for Posters and Presentations

This information session is designed to prepare students for the first International Conference on Aging Innovation and Rehabilitation (ICAIR). All Kite and RSI trainees interested in submitting a poster and/or presenting at the conference are encouraged to attend to learn about the changes being made to the registration process of this event, as well as tips and tricks for posters.

Open Source Wireless Neuromodulation Research Kit Workshop

CRANIA, along with Novela Neurotech and Hahn Schickard, invite the neuromodulation research community, to a seminar-style half-day workshop on Novela's new research tool, the Open Source Wireless Neuromodulation Research Kit (OpenKit), to support and advance your research efforts and programs. The OpenKit significantly advances multi-channel recording, data processing and sharing capabilities. The OpenKit is open-sourced allowing greater collaboration, further development, and the acceleration of translational research towards novel treatments for neurological disorders. This partnership initiative is in keeping with CRANIA's mission.

February 5, 12, 19: Python Workshop Series

Want to learn basic programming skills to use in your studies or workplace? Want to code in Python but don’t know where to start? Trainee Executive Committee is hosting the Introduction to Python Workshop series! No prior knowledge or experience is required! This workshop is designed for beginners.

A Balancing Act- Clinical and Research Work

A Balancing Act - Clinical & Research Work: The Student Perspective will showcase graduate students who will share their experiences in clinical practice and research, discuss how those two worlds influence each other, and talk about how to balance them.

Let's Talk About Depression, Mindfulness and Self-Care

Our experts will begin with an overview of general depression and symptoms, followed by an insightful discussion about self-care. You will learn the foundational attitudes of mindfulness, with tools and tips to integrate into daily living to help cope with chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

Supporting Brain Health in Later Life: What the Research Tells Us

You are invited to a free public event on promoting brain health in later life! Interact with researchers from the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) and health-focused organizations to find out more about brain health. Researchers from CCNA will share information and answer questions on supporting brain health and reducing risk of cognitive decline and dementia.