Standards for Traumatic Brain Injury

The goal of setting standards of care for people with brain injury is to ensure people have the right care, delivered at the right time, from the right provider. Quality of care can vary across the province, the standards for brain injury care guide the care journey to make sure all Ontarians receive the same…

Provincial TBI Report Card

The Provincial TBI Report Card Working Group, formerly an initiative of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, collaborates with IC/ES to produce annual Provincial TBI Report Cards using administrative data. The goal of these Reports is to provide a snapshot of TBI care across the province using evidence-based quality indicators.

Patient Handbook

This 15-page handbook describes the rehabilitation of adults with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury and includes links to helpful resources for patients and their families. This document is based directly on the clinical practice guideline and was created with input from experts and people with lived experience.