One of the key strengths of the Guidelines is that they are comprehensive regarding the care for persons with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury. Although Fundamental and Priority recommendations had been identified, these were still too numerous to implement. The first step in implementation was to survey the care environments across the provinces of Quebec and Ontario to get a sense of degree of implementation, priority and feasibility related to the Fundamental and Priority guideline recommendations. The purpose was to identify a sub set of recommendations that were not yet implemented by rehabilitative settings; but were of high priority and feasibility that they could be the focus of initial implementation efforts. In short, this survey was to help INESSS and ONF, as well as their main network partners, in prioritizing the priorities.

An electronic survey was created and sent to the clinical program managers of acute and rehabilitation programs (general and specialized) across the two provinces which offer services to individuals who have sustained a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury. Participation in the survey was voluntary but several reminders were set to maximize participation.

The results of the survey have allowed to identify a limited number of recommendations that are not widely implemented across Ontario and Quebec but are perceived as important by clinical settings. For additional information concerning the results of this survey, please consult the following report:

- Implementation survey, summary report - Ontario and Québec