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November 8, 2023: Review updated evidence-based recommendations in the following sub-sections:

June 30, 2023: Review our new sub-sections: B - Telehealth, U - Intimacy and Sexuality!

June 26, 2023: Access the Neurotrauma Care Pathways website by clicking on the image below!


February 14, 2023: Welcome to the new website for the Canadian Clinical Practice Guideline for Rehabilitation of Adults with Moderate to Severe TBI (formerly the INESSS-ONF Guideline). New evidence-based recommendations, revisions to existing recommendations, and updates to section Rationales, System Implications, Tools and Resources, and Summary of Evidence can be found in the following sub-sections:

Look out for the 'Open Access INCOG 2.0 Guidelines Series' under Tools & Resources in sub-sections J and K!

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Section 1 - Components of the Optimal TBI Rehabilitation System

Section 2 - Assessment and Rehabilitation of Brain Injury Sequelae