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Blakely Wellness Webinar: It’s Your Move

Today, there is an ever-increasing body of evidence demonstrating that physical activity is not only important to enhancing lifespan and overall wellness, but also preventing many chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, anxiety and depression.  

Join us for our free wellness webinar: It’s Your Move on Wednesday, May 27th at noon and learn from our physical rehabilitation experts about why exercise is critical, both as a strategy and a tool to promote your health and well-being. Our panelists will then dive into the impact of exercise on chronic conditions and explain how exercise can help, for instance, prevent cancer, help tolerate treatments and lessen fatigue. 

Finally, while our gyms and recreational facilities remained closed, you can learn to create a personalized exercise plan in your home and neighbourhood for yourself, and your family. 

Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program at Toronto Rehab and Peter Munk Centre, will explain the effects of exercise in the prevention of disease including mental health.

Dr. David Langelier, a Research Clinician in Toronto Rehab's Cancer Rehab Program, will talk about the importance of exercise and physical activity to cancer disease risk reduction, and in supporting treatment and recovery.

Robert Bertelink, a registered Kinesiologist and Clinical Coordinator at Toronto Rehab’s Cardiac Rehab Program, will share strategies on how to develop an exercise plan including the types, time, frequency, and intensity of exercise pursuits to age well or combat the effects of illness or disease.

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We hope you can join us and we encourage you to share this free webinar with your colleagues, family and friends.

You will learn the science behind why it is important to exercise and how to get and stay active. Our experts: