Implementing Telerehabilitation within Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs (TR-Telerehab Toolkit)

Are you looking to jumpstart your plans to provide virtual rehabilitation care for your patients and families? Here is your opportunity

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute's Brain Rehabilitation Program and Mobility Innovations Centre have developed a virtual rehabilitation implementation toolkit to help rehabilitation organizations and providers implement, improve, and evaluate virtual rehabilitation.

What is in this TELEREHAB toolkit?

This toolkit contains information, tools and videos on:
  • How to prepare your patients and families for telerehab
  • How to choose between a telerehab, in-person and a hybrid approach for your patient
  • How to help patients stay safe during telerehab
  • How to adapt your assessments for the telerehab setting
  • Evaluation tools
  • and more …

Would you like access to the TELEREHAB toolkit?

We want to help everyone with virtual rehabilitation, and we hope to also partner with you to improve the toolkit through this feedback. For access to the toolkit, please fill in this form, and you will be able to download it right away.

You can also directly access the video content of Version 2.0 of the toolkit via our Youtube Channel

Who We Are

We are an interprofessional group of rehabilitation professionals interested in improving access to virtual rehabilitation. Our team consists of:

Angie Andreoli has a passion for improvement and patient experience. She is a physiotherapist and Quality and Safety Lead at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

Mark Bayley always dreams big. He is Toronto Rehabilitation Institute's Physiatrist-in-Chief.

Meiqi Guo is a physiatrist and the Brain Rehabilitation Program's Medical Director. She likes quality improvement and patient safety, perhaps a little too much.

Liz Inness is a physiotherapist, Affiliate Scientist and Lead of the Mobility Innovations Centre. She is passionate about advancing innovative practice through clinical-research partnerships

Ailene Kua is a Senior Project Manager whiz. She has a passion for quality improvement.

McKyla McIntyre is a physiatrist in the Brain Rehabilitation Program, with a special interest in virtual care and education.

Sarah Munce is a Health Services Research and Knowledge Translation Scientist in the LIFESpan service, which is a transitional service for young adults with cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury.

Edith Ng is a Lean ninja in skirts, an occupational therapist, and the Advance Practice Lead in the Brain Rehabilitation Program at TRI.

Lais Vanzella is a researcher and physiotherapist. She is passionate about exercise, cardiac rehab and technology. She is committed to constant and never-ending improvement.

Dr. Paul Oh is the GoodLife Fitness Chair in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Prevention, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program and a Senior Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

Our partners:
  • Nancy Salbach, PT, PhD (University of Toronto, KITE Research Institute, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute- UHN)
  • Dr. Alexander Lo, MD, FRCPC (University of Toronto, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute- UHN)
  • Dr. Hillel Finestone, MD, FRCPC (Élisabeth Bruyére Hospital)
  • Jennifer O'Neill, PT, PhD (Bruyére Research Institute)
  • Dr. Stephanie Plamondon, MD, FRCPC (Foothills Hospital)
  • Ada Tang, PT, PhD (McMaster University)
  • Brodie Sakakibara, PhD (The University of British Columbia)