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BalancePro was jointly designed and developed by researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centers, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University, with support from the Canadian Institutes of Health and the U.S. National Institutes of Health. BalancePro features a specially designed ridge around its perimeter to stimulate and enhance foot plantar-surface (sole) sensation and therefore, enhance one’s balance and reduce possibility of falls. Such stimulation and enhancement have been clinically-proven to be sustainable.

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BresoDX® is a personal home sleep test that transforms the precision of a sleep laboratory into an accessible solution fit for any bedroom any night. It’s cordless technology is engineered so that it delivers unmatched simplicity, without sacrificing accuracy, and designed with physicians and patients in mind. BresoDX® is worn over the nose and mouth and captures multiple data streams by using two channels, a microphone and an accelerometer. Breath sounds and head movements are recorded for up to eight hours of sleep, and a BresoDX® Sleep Study report is generated and then interpreted by your sleep physician.

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Buddy Badge System

The Buddy Badge System is both a technological innovation and a social innovation. Physically, the Buddy Badge is comprised of wearable badges, infrared zone markers, dispenser counters, and charging stations. The Buddy Badge discreetly prompts health care workers to perform hand hygiene when entering or leaving a patient room if they have not already done so. The Buddy Badge is focused on being a “buddy” to health care professionals. That means we are focused on solving problems for the staff as well as the hospital!

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MyndMoveTM is a non-invasive therapy that combines patient participation, therapist expertise and the MyndMoveTM functional electrical stimulation (FES) device to restore voluntary hand and arm function in patients suffering from upper-limb paralysis. The MyndMoveTM device is a single system comprised of several parts:

  • embedded stimulation protocols that can elicit over 30 different reaching and grasping movements
  • an 8 channel stimulator that can stimulate up to 8 different muscle groups in a single stimulation protocol
  • an intuitive user interface allowing therapists to select and deliver personalized therapy

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TRI Hand Function Test

The TRI Hand Function is a clinical assessment tool developed to evaluate unilateral hand function for individuals with cervical spinal cord injury. It is an assessment tool intended for use before and after therapeutic interventions, to determine interval improvement in hand function following FES treatment.

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