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CPSR Annual Scientific Meeting

This meeting will include: 

  1. a presentation by Dr. Charlotte Stagg of Oxford University on brain stimulation for stroke recovery;
  2. results from the PISCES-2 Trial on stem cells for stroke recovery by Dr. Keith Muir of the University of Glasgow;
  3. a first glimpse at the CAMAROS (Canadian Maraviroc Randomized Controlled Trial to Augment Rehabilitation Outcomes After Stroke) trial with Dr. Bruce Dobkin of UCLA and Dr. Sean Dukelow of the University of Calgary;
  4. Dr. Julie Bernhardt at the University of Melbourne describes an exciting new alliance for international collaboration in stroke recovery that will fast-track discovery and improve clinical practice;
  5. updates on COVID-19 projects, CPSR clinical trials, new research findings, trainee poster presentations, breakout groups, and more!


ONLINE POSTER SUBMISSION – Submit your abstracts to participate in the online poster session. Top submissions will be given the opportunity to present their abstracts at the ASM meeting. ASM ABSTRACT SUBMISSION LINK