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Science In the 6ix

Join us at 5:00 pm for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Opening remarks will begin at 5:30 pm.

‘Science in the 6ix: Spotlight on UHN Research’ is a TED talk-style event designed to inform, educate and engage the public about the advanced research happening at UHN and its far reaching impact.

This is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from UHN's trailblazing scientists who are working on ground-breaking discoveries that will help us live longer, healthier lives.

CBC's Mary Ito will be the emcee and veteran journalist André Picard will give the keynote speech on why science needs to be a priority on the political agenda.

Highlights include:

  1. Stem cells as a biological alternative to cardiac pacemakers
  2. Smart clothing that helps stroke patients with mobility
  3. Combining cancer treatments to improve patient outcomes
  4. A device implanted in the brain that can stop seizures
  5. Computer simulations that predict infectious disease outbreaks
  6. Augmented reality tools to assist with surgical precision
  7. How transforming medical education can revolutionize patient care

Our goal at UHN is to find new treatments and cures for the diseases that affect us all. Combining basic science and clinical research is how we will make these discoveries together.

‘Science achieves little if it stays in the lab’ and that is our mission - to make science and research more accessible and engaging to everyone, for the benefit of everyone.

The event will feature:

  1. Keynote Speaker: André Picard, best-selling author and columnist, The Globe and Mail
  2. Nicole Woods, PhD
  3. Shane Harding, PhD
  4. Jimmy Qiu, MASc
  5. Stephanie Protze, PhD
  6. Taufik Valiante, MD, PhD
  7. Bastien Moineau, PhD
  8. Beate Sander, RN, MBA, MEcDev, PhD
  9. Event emceed by Mary Ito, CBC journalist and founder of CramTO