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Nominations open for the 2020 Unsung Hero Staff recognition award

The success of The KITE Research Institute at Toronto Rehab is in large part due to the contributions of our outstanding students, scientists and clinicians. What can be often overlooked, however, is the important role played by the members of our staff. These essential members of our team provide logistical support, help navigate bureaucratic obstacles, coach students, assist with grant applications and provide various other support.  

These contributions are critical to the success of our Institute. That’s why each year we recognize the key role our colleagues play with a special award intended to highlight the efforts of individuals and/or a group whose commitment and dedication to KITE sets them apart. While this year has been one for the history books for obvious reasons, it was also one where the strength, compassion and sense of community at KITE shone bright.

The Unsung Hero Staff Recognition Award is bestowed on an individual or group who assists in nurturing a positive corporate culture and helps our research teams operate more effectively. We ask that you please take a minute to think about those under-appreciated team members who deserve credit for their hard work and commitment.

Value: $1,000.00

Eligibility: A staff member/group who has made a significant contribution to the operation of The KITE Research Institute at Toronto Rehab in the last year. 

Process: The nominator provides a one-page justification for their choice; specific examples would help the selection committee with their decision. E-mail nominations to Kite.director@uhn.ca

Nominator: No restrictions. Open to managers, supervisors, peers and groups

DeadlineDecember 7, 2020