Dr. Tracey Colella inducted into the Canadian Academy of Nursing 2023 class of fellows.

Academy’s fellowship program recognizes the most accomplished nurses in the nation.

KITE scientist Dr. Tracey Colella has been inducted into the Canadian Academy of Nursing’s (CNA) 2023 class of fellows.

The Canadian Academy of Nursing is the first pan-Canadian organization dedicated to identifying, educating, supporting, and celebrating nursing leaders and the impact of their work across all regulated categories and domains of practice. 

The academy’s fellowship program recognizes the most accomplished nurses in the nation.

Dr. Colella’s research focuses on the point of transition from acute hospitalization for cardiovascular illness into outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. 

She has led the development and testing of innovative interventions for vulnerable populations. These include early follow-up strategies, peer support intervention and digital health/technology to promote patient engagement, reduce access barriers and provide alternative rehab program delivery formats such as women-only cardiac rehabilitation. 

"I'm passionate about improving the patient's experience following a cardiac health event and ensuring the journey to recovery includes cardiac rehabilitation. Not only are women's cardiac symptoms under-diagnosed and under-treated in acute care, but  women are significantly under-referred to cardiac rehabilitation once discharged from hospital,” said Dr. Colella who is a nurse clinician and scientist with KITE’s Cardiopulmonary Fitness team and an associate professor in the Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at the University of Toronto.

“Given the positive impact of cardiac rehab programs on patient outcomes, it's imperative that we continue to address critical gaps in care through ongoing research. I'm honoured that my work is being recognized by the CNA through this fellowship"