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Healthcare and academic experts gather to discuss pandemic impact and recovery

The Canada India Healthcare Summit will bring together leading researchers, innovators and healthcare professionals from both countries to discuss pandemic prevention and response strategies for a return to a healthier, safer world.

Healthcare leaders from opposite ends of the globe are gathering virtually this week to share lessons learnt from the pandemic and develop new approaches for a post-COVID world.

The Canada India Healthcare Summit (CIHS) 2021 will feature healthcare experts and industry leaders, including speakers from the academic and private sector, major hospitals and the Canadian and Indian governments. Summit attendees are expected to discuss ways to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic by deploying new and emerging technologies. 

Artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology and pandemic response initiatives are among the topics of discussion on the agenda at the Summit, happening on May 20 – 21. 

“Those who create relationships make things happen. The goal of the summit is to bring in the best of Canada and the best of India and figure out how we can work together,” said Dr. V. I. Lakshmanan, Summit Chair. 

“This is important because the bottom line is that healthcare is critical to everything we do.”  

This year’s summit will take place virtually with an aim to strengthen ties between Canada and India. It is hosted by the Canada India Foundation, the KITE Research Institute at University Health Network, the Consulate General of India and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

“The CIHS 2021 is an opportunity for KITE to promote collaborative partnerships between Canada and India, strengthen our healthcare systems and help devise solutions for future generations,” said KITE Research Director Dr. Milos R. Popovic.

Following the success of previous Canada India Healthcare Summits in 2015 and 2017, this year’s version will provide a needed opportunity to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential for biotechnology and AI to help health leaders prepare solutions for future crises. 

“Biotechnology and artificial intelligence are the new frontiers of the world. These topics were chosen because the timing is appropriate, as we are facing the challenges of COVID-19,” Lakshmanan said.

“This summit will increase collaboration between the two countries mainly in three areas: academic, industry and government collaboration at the policy level,” said Dr. Arun Chockalingam, Chair of the Technical Committee for the Summit. 

“Attendees can expect to gain knowledge, contacts and potential avenues for innovation and putting them into application.”

AI technology has been used globally to address several challenges during the pandemic, including those in diagnostic imaging, support in long-term care homes, blockchain and vaccine distribution and supporting small and medium sized businesses.

For its part, biotechnology is an emerging field that has been utilized in all aspects of the vaccine effort, including development, production, supply and distribution. Biotechnology is also assisting with disinfection techniques, food safety and cell and gene therapy.  

“This pandemic has affected our public health and economic systems and it is crucial that we reflect on the strategies that have and have not worked both in Canada and India,” said Dr. Popovic.

Admission to the Summit is free, however, those who are interested to attend must register to gain access.

The CIHS 2021 will be a space to address current issues and identify important lessons to be better prepared for future pandemics.

To learn more or to register for CIHS 2021, follow this link.