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Local community joins the Kite Mask Challenge to echo one unifying message – “Wear a mask”

KITE partners with Sacred Heart Catholic School to promote public safety through artistic expression

“We’re all in this together.” 

As it turns out, nothing brings people together quite like a public health crisis – or so it seemed. 

In the beginning of the pandemic, we organized physically distant parades and stood outside our front doors, banging on pots and pans in appreciation for our frontline healthcare workers. 

Although we were physically apart, it somehow felt as though we were connected by our shared experiences. Almost a year later, however, it’s safe to say most of us can’t wait to get back to normal – whatever that may be.    

To inspire the community to stay connected online and to spread the message of public safety far and wide, we organized an online challenge and dubbed it the #KiteMaskChallenge, asking our followers to post pictures of themselves in their masks with a caption of who they wear their masks for and why. 

Taking it one step further, we partnered with Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Newmarket, part of the York Catholic District School Board, to help spread the message, while channeling their creativity, giving these next generation of creators an avenue to express their thoughts and feelings as they navigate through the pandemic. 

Their work certainly did not disappoint. 

The collection, created by the school's grade 9 visual arts class, features 30 self-portrait sketches of the students, wearing their masks, accompanied by small descriptions of why and who they wear their masks for. 

“The simple act of caring is heroic”, “masks save lives” and “do your part, stay apart” are just some of the messages on display in these drawings and they remind us that no matter where we are or what we do, COVID has us all advocating the same thing. 

Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask and stay home. 

We truly are all in this together. 

Here are a few of the pieces below. For the full collection, click here.

Preston C. 

Linda M. 

Tiffany R.