Rally for Rehab highlights need to develop solutions for the future of rehab health

UHN Foundation event supports scientific activities at the KITE Research Institute and Toronto Rehab

KITE Research Institute Director Dr. Milos R. Popovic is calling on the rehabilitation community to rally behind an important fundraising event scheduled for later this summer.

The Rally for Rehab is a one-day fundraiser, supported by BMO and organized by the UHN Foundation, that is full of family-friendly activities centred around an accessible walk. 

“I want them all to be there” says Dr. Popovic of his desire to have the entire KITE community, and hopefully many others, participate on Sunday, September 10. 

“I want them to bring their friends, family members, colleagues, and even their dogs like me," he says of his golden retriever Roxy, who he is rallying with this year. "This is a great opportunity to have a nice day out, get some exercise and enjoy a fun day together."

The event supports the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the important research underway at KITE. Sustaining this impactful work relies on not only intellect, but also financial support and that’s where the Rally for Rehab comes into play. 

Rally for Rehab is an opportunity to invest in the 175 trainees at KITE, says Dr. Popovic. These trainees work tirelessly to help find ways to improve the lives of people living with the effects of disability, illness and ageing.

"It's about investing in the future of the healthcare system," says Dr. Popovic. "It's an investment in the future of our society, in the people who are trying to come up with exquisite solutions that address many of the major problems that people we face, whether that is aging or neurological injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, or even concussions, which can even happen to young people." 

Aging is inevitable, and Dr. Popovic emphasizes KITE and Toronto Rehab's role in promoting aging well and independent living.

"Every single person will age, and everyone will have an issue where they rely on rehabilitation. Whether it's cardiac problems or dementia, every single person will need the services of Toronto Rehab."

Dr. Popovic's main takeaway from the rally is its potential to have a profound impact on the future.  

"I want everyone to know that we, as a research institute, are the ones who will be helping society figure out ways to deal with the problem of an aging population. So, when you invest in us, you are investing in helping solve that problem."