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Dr. Robin Green has been appointed the Saunderson Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury

Congratulations to Kite Senior Scientist and acquired brain injury expert, Dr. Robin Green, on this incredible achievement.

We are delighted to announce that Dr Robin Green has been selected as the new Saunderson Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury.  The committee unanimously felt that Dr Green’s research background, scientific track record including journal publications, funding, student supervision and presentations, as well as her “enormous experience in the full spectrum of acquired brain injury ranging from concussions to more severe injuries” make her an ideal candidate for the Chair.

Robin is a Canada Research Chair (II) in traumatic brain injury. She is a Senior Scientist, co-lead of the Schroeder Brain Institute and head of the Brain Discovery & Recovery Team at TorontoRehab. She is also an Associate professor in the department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Her program of research addresses brain and behavioural mechanisms of recovery from moderate-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her lab has re-conceptualized TBI as a chronic and possibly neurodegenerative disease process; this novel conception is needed in order to identify parallels with other forms of neurodegeneration, which will offer new avenues of treatment. Dr. Green is currently engaged in the development of interventions to mitigate the accelerated aging that is observed in the later stages of TBI by targeting modifiable mechanisms. She recently founded a provincial research centre for people with enduring effects of brain injuries/concussion, which provides clinical care remotely to patients across Ontario.