Neural Outcomes Consulting

Innovation in Research Design

Innovation in Research Design

Mission Statement

Vision: To devise, enhance and promote the appropriate use of outcome assessments in the development of novel/innovative treatments in the field of spinal and neurological care and to foster and promote sustainability of discovery science.

Mission: Partnering with the SCI community and provide support to conceptualize, seed, incubate, foster and implement clinical discoveries.

Neural Outcomes is a health and research consulting company that combines skills and expertise in knowledge generation, synthesis, and translation. The NOCI team specializes in clinical education leaders related to clinical trials implementation and outcomes use. NOCI works with academic institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enhance discovery, maintain regulatory criteria, translate knowledge, implement discoveries and support commercialization.


Neural Outcomes Consulting Inc. (NOCI) is a start-up founded in 2011 by Dr. Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan while completing her Postdoctoral Fellowship at UHN. The mission of NOCI was to commercialize, manufacture and distribute the GRASSP – while lending support to UHN Technology & Transfer Business Office for the licensing process of GRASSP.

NOCI has established itself as a global manufacturer and distributor of GRASSP products, as well as a health research company that provides capacity and support for research activities in academia and industry. Currently NOCI provides a variety of services to support the advancement of frontline clinical care, clinical trials and studies through implementing our expertise in rehabilitation and clinical research specific to neurological diseases. We provide capacity by assisting in protocol development research implementation, synthesis, dissemination and knowledge mobilization all within the academic and regulatory standards (FDA and Health Canada).