Team Leader: Robin Green

The Brain Discovery & Recovery (BDR) team focuses on the >36,000 Canadians with enduring effects of traumatic brain injury, effects that can be debilitating and life-long. This team has been at the forefront of research that re-conceptualizes moderate-severe TBI as a chronic and progressive disease process rather than a one-time event. 

Restoring Function: The BDR team has been translating their basic research findings (new brain biomarkers and novel causes of brain decline) into evidence-based treatments designed to restore brain structure and function, and to ameliorate cognitive and emotional functioning. 

Enable Independence: By improving the brain and behaviour, these treatments are designed to help people to get back to more independent lives - back to school, work and an enjoyable social life.

Optimize the Rehabilitation System: The BDR team has created a provincial research centre for chronic traumatic brain injury in order to speed up scientific discovery, while scaling up delivery of care province-wide. The centre's dual-purpose approach allows for delivery of treatment to patients through their participation in research, and it fills critical gaps in research and care in chronic TBI. The centre employs teletherapies developed by the team that can be delivered remotely to patients in their own homes, helping to maximize reach and scaleability.