Andres Lozano CRANIA

Dr. Lozano was born in Sevilla, Spain and moved with his family to Ottawa at a young age. He obtained his MD degree from the University of Ottawa and his PhD in Neurobiology and neurosurgical training from McGill University. He received postdoctoral training in movement disorders at Queen Square, London, UK and in cell and molecular biology in Toronto. He became the youngest individual to be appointed Full Professor in the Department of Surgery. In 2014 he was appointed to the rank of University Professor, the highest and most prestigious academic rank at the University of Toronto. He is currently Chairman of the Division of Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto and holds with it, the Dan Family Chair in Neurosurgery. He also holds the RR Tasker Chair in Functional Neurosurgery at University Health Network and a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience.

  • University Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto
  • Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Weston Brain Institute
  • Dan Family Chair in Neurosurgery, University of Toronto
  • R.R. Tasker Chair in Functional Neurosurgery, University Health Network
  • Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience
  • Professor of Neurology (cross-appointment), University of Toronto
  • Member, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto
  • Senior Scientist, Toronto Western Research Institute
  • Staff Surgeon, Division of Neurosurgery, Toronto Western Hospital
  • We work on novel surgical approaches to treat Parkinson’s disease, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. We use brain imaging, electrophysiology and surgical techniques. The work in humans is complemented by laboratory work involving cell death in Parkinson’s disease, effects of stimulation on hippocampal neurogenesis and animal models of deep brain stimulation.