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FallsLab is a 2-degree-of-freedom motion platform used to study stability and balance control during gait and stance. The 6x3m moving platform can accommodate up to 8 large force plates and is surrounded by a motion capture system and high speed video recording. The moving surface is mounted on two sets of motors which can translate the platform horizontally in any pattern and in any direction comprised of combinations of different X and Y motions. The platform is capable of high accelerations and velocities, up to 10m/s2 and 2m/s respectively, with total displacements of over 2m in both directions in the horizontal plane. Extensions can be added to the platform, increasing its size to 7x3m. The platform movements can be programmed to be random or can be triggered by an event. By accelerating quickly in an unexpected direction, at an unexpected time, FallsLab can create “balance perturbations” that simulate a slip, trip or stumble. An instrumented safety harness gantry prevents the occupant from truly falling should a loss of balance occur. This specialized equipment allows balance disturbances to be applied in a well-controlled and safe manner to give insight into the development and maintenance of reactive balance reactions. FallsLab is located at Toronto Rehab’s University Centre at 550 University Avenue, Toronto.